Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weather Forecast: Brrr!

This is what it looks like this afternoon here in the deep south. And it is as cold as it looks, too. I probably should have waited until it quit snowing because there is supposed to be about 3" of accumulation. But the girls wanted to go out in it and I figured why not. This may not look like much to you guys, but Mom knows it's a lot for us here!

Little Furry Friend doesn't really like it - she wants to go back inside where it's warm and dry. But if everyone else is going to play in it, she may as well too! Do you know how well snow sticks to the hair on a Coton de Tulear? Yes, I guess you do, but I didn't really.

Oh yeah, I had the Ishbel Shawl in the Malabrigo Sock yarn all done - was ready to do the bind off and decided that it wasn't big enough. So I ripped it out, rewound the yarn and cast on again with a larger needle. There was lots of leftover yarn, so I'm thinking of adding a few more stitches to it too . . . .


dmr said...

We've had snow forecast but didn't get any. I guess ou got our snow. Better you'all than us.

dmr said...

Isn't it amazing how much snow a coton can collect?