Friday, March 13, 2009

Salem College - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Salem College in Winston-Salem is the nation's oldest institution for the education of women. It sits in the middle of Old Salem and many of it's buildings are Pre-Revoluntionary War. The buildings are beautiful and while the oldness has been carefully preserved, the modern learning facilities are definitely there.
This is the South Residence Hall (1805) which houses the office of the Dean and classrooms.
The Single Sisters House (1785) the oldest building on campus - houses the Admissions office. It was renovated in 2007, but still has the old floors, stairs, doors, windows and many of the old walls.
There are more gardens and lovely sposts to sit and think on this campus than on any of the others we visited. The old buildings retain much of the antiquity - including stained glass windows in many classrooms and halls.

(1817) An alumna House.
(1888) This used to be the president's house but is now used for social occasions (including weddings) and occasionally as a guest house for visiting alumna or parents.
(1854) The back of the main hall (Dean's office & classrooms).
Development office (1930).
The May Dell - an outdoor amphitheater where commencement and performances and various activities are held.
The organ in the theater.
The morovian graves - they are broken into groups of Single Sisters, Single Brothers and Married Brothers & Sisters.
The athletic complex includes a gym, indoor pool, student center and grille.
A bulletin board for the students and part of the alumna house.
The outside of the girls' dorms, a sitting area in the dorm house and a typical dorm room. These dorm rooms also have a sink in the room which is very nice and not common in many of the dorms we looked at.

The honors house - only those girls with a high enough GPA are allowed to live here - it's right in the center of the campus, convenient to everything.
The current President's House - down the street a couple of doors, very near the library.
Odd sculptures near campus.

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