Thursday, August 28, 2014

Half Calla, off the needles

This one has been on the needles for over a year now . . . it is nice to finally have those needles back!
The color isn't photographing well - much less pink than it shows here.
The pattern is not available for this one yet - it was a test knit.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Anna's Shetland Kimono designed by Anna Zilboorg.


Sunday, August 24, 2014



Almost done - should be blocking tonight or tomorrow . . .

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Move In

 Monday was the day.  Most of the students move in on Thursday (tomorrow), but The Divine Miss M decided to join the marching band and there was band camp for a week before school starts.
So we packed up the car with all her stuff (less than Girl Far From Home - remember?) and headed on down the road (about 5 miles).

The dorm building - and the only shot of her.  

If you look at the very end of the hall, on the left side you can see half a green door - that's her room.

She needed the occupied sign because most of the rooms are still unoccupied.
Her side of the room - on the very left of the photo you can see her roommate's bed post - there is only about 4 feet between them - it's a very small room.

The tv and dvd player are on top of the wardrobe because her bed is so high.  She thought she might move them to the top of the dresser - we will see how that works out.

 See the pretty blankets and sheets she picked?  This set of sheets is the purple of the bottom pillow case, the other set is the pattern of the top pillow case.  Her towels are the same purple.  Notice she took the Ga Tech pillow she made in 5th or 6th grade and the pink blanket I knit her years and years ago when her baby blanket (the one Mom knit) quit covering all of her.

 Her little fridge - had to get her one because she really needs her cheese and fruit.  I looked at 1.7 cu ft fridges but they wouldn't even hold her cheese and fruit.  This is a 2.7 and it's really tiny but I didn't want something that one person couldn't carry.

 The rug Dena made has moved to several spots in the room.  I'm thinking it will continue moving for a while.  Surprisingly enough, the entire dorm is carpeted.

 This is going to be the ONLY photo ever of a clean wardrobe.  It's only this clean because I unpacked everything while she was at her band audition.  This photo was taken Monday morning and I'm sure by the time I got home, this was already not so clean . . . it's been two days and I'm betting it's a huge mess.

 There is a window at the end of each bed and an A/C unit between the two windows - they can control their own temperature which is much nicer than Hollins.

Her desk is still mostly empty, but the dresser is pretty full.  She won't keep clothing folded so drawers don't work for her for clothes.  So I used it for other stuff - top drawer is office supplies (notebooks, pens, spiral binders, etc); middle drawer is electronics cables, calculators, game boys, etc (she has a lot more of that stuff than most kids); bottom drawer is full of food - she likes to snack in the evening.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bulls Eye!!!

Dena is terrific at making rugs - really terrific!  This is the blue and gold rug she made for The Divine Miss M - those are her school colors (or will be in a few days).  

Dena knit this with a strand of fun fur and a strand of feltable wool and then she tossed it in my washing machine.

It didn't get significantly smaller, but it got thicker and it's sooooo nice and cozy for toes!  
Miss M will love it in her dorm room!

This is where I am on the Carved Kimono.  I think I am going to love this.  I love the colors and the pattern and it's almost halfway done (well, maybe it is halfway done since the back is both sides).

Here is a photo of Anna in her Carved Kimono.  I hadn't been able to see this for a long time (it belongs to XrX) so had forgotten the color was brown.  Most times this sweater is seen in gray because that is the color of the kit Yarns International sold.

This lovely quilt was a gift from a dear friend.  She made it for me and it was my birthday gift.  
I think it is one of the most beautiful things ever!