Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just a Matter of Time

The yarn for the Sheep Bag (in I Heart Felt) is here. There was enough for three bags. We kept enough for two bags. Then we sent one set off to Teresa.

And we have copies of the book with the pattern. Also sent book to Teresa.

And we have our new Options Harmony Wood knitting needles. Teresa got some for Christmas.

So we all have the needles.
And we all have the pattern.
And we all have the yarn.

And who has the time????????????

OT - My family

Since we never see enough of each other, I am sharing current photos of my family. Plus I don't usually have all three boys at the same time. Separate picture of Fred because he is sitting out of frame.
We are not in China so you may tell me how adorable they all are.

Hello World

I have been working on a pair of socks for Fred. It was a combination of patterns, Lichen Rib Socks from Knitting Vintage socks and a generic in my head toe up sock pattern. It turned out well, not as well as I had hoped (that had to do with the yarn) but better than I expected.

And yes, I know the colors between socks aren't lined up exactly. Don't care.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

We really do get together to Knit

This is mom, me and Kathy knitting away on our projects. We really do get together to knit.

I am knitting a surprise Moebius Fanny Basket for Kathy. Well, mom and I know it is going to be for Kathy for Easter. But Kathy doesn't know it is for her.

Kathy is knitting her socks using the Austerman Step mom gave her.

Mom is knitting something but I don't remember what and the picture isn't clear enough for me to tell. Maybe she will tell us.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Shelves

Yesterday, instead of knitting, I replaced the shelves in the greenhouse. The ones that were in there were donated by Mother - from the basement in the doraville house. Unfortunately the wood (pressed wood) didn't hold up to the wet. The shelves were disintigrating right out from under the plants. I was afraid the shelves would give and the plants would end up on the floor in shattered pots, or worse on the dormant plants that are stored under the shelves.

So I hit Home Depot and bought some closet shelving. 4' lengths cost about $4 each and were easy to carry, so that's what I got. I put them on the same cinderblocks the other shelves were on. Still had to move about a hundred very large potted passiflora and other things, but it's done and everything is safer now:

Most of the plants have done quite nicely in the 'greenhouse'. I lost a couple of annuals (that I expected to lose) and one plant that is going to cost me dearly . . . . . DH's fern did not make it thru the winter. I don't think it died from cold, I think it died from neglect. He's not too happy about it either.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The dramatic reveal

of Dena's ever-so-clever creations!

(and I posted pics of both sides of the fanny bag for you this time . . . )

The Second (not) Amanda Hat

What started out as another Malabrigo Amanda hat quickly became something else . . . . .

Amanda Hat

It's Malabrigo March Madness and I knit a cute little hat for the Divine Miss M (she likes hats).

This Jon modeling Drews hat as he talks to Drew.

This is me and my bag.I'm not as grumpy as I look.

Thid is the baby kimono before sewimjg. First didnt turn out right so did it over in red heart worsyed, baby print tossed the white ribbon on so you couldimagine it.

Almost Done

This is the last basket. This on is for me. It will be a large size for storing knitting supplies on the table next to me while I knit. I decided to make the bowls of mine a little shorter and a little wider than the pattern called for. It is felting now and a picture will be added soonest.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

This isnt what I was trying to put in, bbut does show the purse. My pictures are all screwed up. Gecause I couldn' get them to go on yje computer so put on the xamera program and can't see to get them grom it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kathy's Moebius Fanny Basket

Kathy's basket ended up being made in the small size. We decided that was the most practical size to have if you only had one basket.
We had picked the color "iron ore" for the handle and rim but it didn't seem to have enough contrast so we combined "abona rose" with it. Looking at it unfelted, it looks rather nice as far as colors go, but the final test will be when it is all felted.
On the other hand, it is a gift and you don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
I think it is gorgeous. And very well knitted. Actually, I would say, awesomely knitted by an awesome knitter.
I added a picture of the three small baskets - mine is blue, mom's is blue on blue, and Kathy's is red on red.

Mom's Basket

Mom's basket is felted and ready - well it has a few strings to nip off, and THEN it is ready for her to start knitting socks. We are going to do toe up socks using the Generic Toe-up Sock pattern as amended by moi for magic loop, two socks at a time knitting.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Basket Done

Mom's basket is knitted, just waiting to be felted. Since she has a large one already, we made her the small version for knitting with. My husband thinks there are way too many baskets especially when he saw me starting to knit yet another one after this one.
This one is Wool of the Andes. The handle is Cerulean and the bottom is from the hand-dyed collection called Graham. The one photo show the large size in red, the small size in blue and the unfelted small size in mom's new colors.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mom is still too busy

Mom is very busy knitting and knitting and knitting. She is finishing up this baby kimono (from Mason Dixon Knitting One Piece Baby Kimono) done in a white Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. The cotton yarn is what the pattern calls for but mom has decided to do the next ones in a soft baby yarns.

99 and 44/100 % Done

Teresa's felted foursome basket is just about completely done. It is all knitted, and sewn mostly. The last bit of sewing would have made it hard to stuff in the box. I packed it in the box along the balloons and extra yarn. Where I sewed, I pulled it tight for shipping but left the tails so it can be loosened for felting/fulling.
This looks so huge but it will become way small - much much smaller pockets than the one Teresa has now.
One pocket for the first sock skein, one pocket for the second sock skein, one pocket for the socks to be set down in, and one pocket for a scissor, a needle to kitchener with and a candy bar.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More yarn . . . .

For Miss M and myself:

Ping Pong Wrist Warmers

These are in both the Nordic Knits Booklet (Booklet produced by the Nordic Heritage Museum for the Nordic Knitting Conference 10/07 Seattle - Available thru the Museum giftshop for $10 plus tax/shipping and in Invisible Threads by Annemor Sundbo. They are easy to knit, but I think could be more useful than some other wristwarmers I have seen.

Selbu Bag

This is the inside of my selbu bag.

This is it before blocking.

And during blocking. Still needs to be lined and given a handle.