Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Shelves

Yesterday, instead of knitting, I replaced the shelves in the greenhouse. The ones that were in there were donated by Mother - from the basement in the doraville house. Unfortunately the wood (pressed wood) didn't hold up to the wet. The shelves were disintigrating right out from under the plants. I was afraid the shelves would give and the plants would end up on the floor in shattered pots, or worse on the dormant plants that are stored under the shelves.

So I hit Home Depot and bought some closet shelving. 4' lengths cost about $4 each and were easy to carry, so that's what I got. I put them on the same cinderblocks the other shelves were on. Still had to move about a hundred very large potted passiflora and other things, but it's done and everything is safer now:

Most of the plants have done quite nicely in the 'greenhouse'. I lost a couple of annuals (that I expected to lose) and one plant that is going to cost me dearly . . . . . DH's fern did not make it thru the winter. I don't think it died from cold, I think it died from neglect. He's not too happy about it either.

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