Thursday, March 13, 2008

99 and 44/100 % Done

Teresa's felted foursome basket is just about completely done. It is all knitted, and sewn mostly. The last bit of sewing would have made it hard to stuff in the box. I packed it in the box along the balloons and extra yarn. Where I sewed, I pulled it tight for shipping but left the tails so it can be loosened for felting/fulling.
This looks so huge but it will become way small - much much smaller pockets than the one Teresa has now.
One pocket for the first sock skein, one pocket for the second sock skein, one pocket for the socks to be set down in, and one pocket for a scissor, a needle to kitchener with and a candy bar.


trh said...

The one with the pink points . . . . well, that looks something less than wholesome, I'm afraid . . . . .

dmr said...

Your mother says it looks like a weird bra, my husband says it looks like a tit holder for our nurse cow.

And yes, the pink just adds to the whole thought pattern.