Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just a Matter of Time

The yarn for the Sheep Bag (in I Heart Felt) is here. There was enough for three bags. We kept enough for two bags. Then we sent one set off to Teresa.

And we have copies of the book with the pattern. Also sent book to Teresa.

And we have our new Options Harmony Wood knitting needles. Teresa got some for Christmas.

So we all have the needles.
And we all have the pattern.
And we all have the yarn.

And who has the time????????????


trh said...

well, as soon as I finish knitting for the costume shop (that is knitting and reknitting shawls which take no time at all), I'm game for the bag. I'll finish the first shawl for the second time tonight and start the second. I also have the numma numma socks on the needles and another headband, but I can work on those while I'm working on the bag.

I was wondering how close the yarn requirements were . . . because I'd like to give the bag a square bottom and maybe make it just a bit bigger.

But yes, let's plan on starting the bags . . . can you give me a week to catch up before we start?

dmr said...

I believe I will have time in 2020. I will start mine then. Wait for me.