Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mom's Basket

Mom's basket is felted and ready - well it has a few strings to nip off, and THEN it is ready for her to start knitting socks. We are going to do toe up socks using the Generic Toe-up Sock pattern as amended by moi for magic loop, two socks at a time knitting.

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trh said...

Oh, that looks so nice! I really love the blue on blues . . . . very, very cool. My husband told me tonight that I must start selling my knitting - even if it's at a loss, it's more money than I have coming in at this point, and I'm going to do the knitting anyway. He does have a point - the knitting is going to happen either way . . . . but at a loss?

So I have decided that I must become a designer and start selling my patterns. Not sure that I like the pressure, but there you go - if it's the only way to keep knitting then it must be done.

How many crazy people do you think there are out there who will buy a freakin' rat pattern?