Monday, March 17, 2008

The dramatic reveal

of Dena's ever-so-clever creations!

(and I posted pics of both sides of the fanny bag for you this time . . . )


dmr said...

The foursome was to be the smaller but the pockets look larger. Oh well. Show us pictures of them in use when you decide which is the holder of knitting implements and supplies and which is the holder of yarn balls.
I still like my little two-er for knitting socks or other items with two balls. Just pick up the handle and spin to untwist those yarns. And the yarn balls never roll across the floor at home or especially at wherever you are knitting out in public while waiting to be chauffeur.

dmr said...

Now that you have had them a while, please give us a review.

I use my two-some for sock knitting with one skein in each basket. And keep my supplies (i.e. junk) in a two-some. Not having a foursome.

I am imagining the four-some would be nice for multiple skein intarsia, fair isle only needs 2.

So what are you using yours for???

trh said...

I've been using the two pocket one for the bits one needs nearby for knitting . . . . a couple of crochet hooks, some needles in a little plastic case, some scissors, pens, a package of elastic for headbands, some rings for marking where you are, etc. It stands up better now that I've shrunk it to a tighter consistency.

I also shrunk a purse that I knit years ago from my handpainted yarn from camp. It's a lot smaller but a lot nicer and more useful too.

The four pocket works nicely for socks. I drop the balls of yarn in two pockets. What I've got going right now is the numma numma and they are one separate needles, so one sock goes in each of the other two pockets. But one sock (the one that is not being worked on) is smaller, so the keys and cell phone go in with it. It's great for taking to theater meetings and the tutor. When I've got two socks on the same needles, they'll go in one pocket and the fourth will hold my glasses, keys, cellphone and pen/paper. It's perfect for me.