Sunday, March 9, 2008

Drew's Hat

This is the hat I made for Drew. Mom found a line drawing in one of her new books, Knitting in the Old Way, under Finnish basketweave. The drawing showed a hat done in entrelac or basketweave. I know I said I would never do entrelac again but mom described a hat done in the traditional black and red. And those are the colors that Drew is using for his school colors. The school colors are actually orange and block but he thinks that just says Halloween.

So, I tried many new techniques like corrugated ribbing (we couldn't actually find any instructions so I am not positive that I did it correctly. I did basketweave in the round where as I had only done it flat before. I found a new cast on to learn also. Norwegian sock cast-on. I diligently followed the instructions again and again getting more frustrated each time. It kept coming out exactly like a german twisted long tail cast on. Either they are the same thing or I am doing one of them wrong. I decided they are the same thing.

One of mom's other new books The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd, had several many ways of doing the tops of tams so I tried a few and settled on this one. That is a book we have to have. It is fantastic.

Since the boy isn't here - expect him tomorrow - my husband volunteered to model for me so I could post pictures. Isn't that sweet of him. Pulled down over the head is how Andrew wears his hats and how this one will be worn.

What do you think of my first creative design attempt?????


trh said...

Cool hat - looks like it was way too much work . . . .

um, did you mean to take points for posting this blog entry 3 times?

trh said...

Durn! Did you know that you cannot edit a comment? Stupid thing.

I meant to say that The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns is on my list of wants, as is the knitter's book of sweater patterns or whatever it's called. And there's a really cool hat book out there too like that - written by a girl in Australia.

dmr said...

No to the ravelry. Actually I posted three posts - Andrews Hat with 4 pictures, Teresa's Wish with two pictures and What mom is up to also with two pictures.
My internet is going in and out - just my computer. Not Thomas's, not Fred's, Mom's some.
I created the posts, one after another, published each one but did NOT check the blog after each one. Actually I didn't check the blog at all after posting. Later when I had internet I was at chorewars and did that. Since I only get a few minutes at a time I didn't go through the blog but directly there.
This is actually the first time I have been here and my posts are missing.
And I don't know if You all are worthy of the effort to repeat all that.