Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kathy's Moebius Fanny Basket

Kathy's basket ended up being made in the small size. We decided that was the most practical size to have if you only had one basket.
We had picked the color "iron ore" for the handle and rim but it didn't seem to have enough contrast so we combined "abona rose" with it. Looking at it unfelted, it looks rather nice as far as colors go, but the final test will be when it is all felted.
On the other hand, it is a gift and you don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
I think it is gorgeous. And very well knitted. Actually, I would say, awesomely knitted by an awesome knitter.
I added a picture of the three small baskets - mine is blue, mom's is blue on blue, and Kathy's is red on red.


trh said...

Yes, I think awesome colors and awesome knitting by an awesome knitter. And I really do like the colors - a lot.

Mine arrived in the mail today - along with many, many books (for which I will write an actual pen to paper thank you note because it's a bunch and very special). I hid the slinky's to give to the girls for easter and the youngest busy body saw the dr. who tapes, but those will be held for next weekend as well. Looks like we're doing Easter at the beach - then we won't be back there for a couple of months . . . .

I am planning to photograph and felt my new 4 pocket basket tomorrow - after reading the instructions in the book beforehand. And I think I'll refelt the other at the same time. Pics of all (and a few other things) to follow sometime tomorrow . . . .

And did you get the package I sent to you yet? The one in the bubble envelope?

trh said...

new pictures . . . . looks nice felted too!

I'm about to refelt the first one to make it firmer and felt the 4 pocket one for the first time . . . .