Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Basket Done

Mom's basket is knitted, just waiting to be felted. Since she has a large one already, we made her the small version for knitting with. My husband thinks there are way too many baskets especially when he saw me starting to knit yet another one after this one.
This one is Wool of the Andes. The handle is Cerulean and the bottom is from the hand-dyed collection called Graham. The one photo show the large size in red, the small size in blue and the unfelted small size in mom's new colors.

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trh said...

Love that picture! Nice looking baskets all . . . .

Mailed off another box to you yesterday - has your sock yarn in it. Be sure to keep the receipt (that was from the first hank as the receipt from the day I bought yours was a bit embarassing so I kept it) - the rules require that you have the receipt.

Did you guys get the padded envelope that we mailed to you from Florida?