Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tatting Shuttle Organization

First of all, I want to say I'm ready.  Dena and I are attending a meeting of the Minnesota tatter's group (Cindy/Happy Bluebird and Michelle/Tela Magistae) this morning and I am so excited!

Next, a finished (well, almost) object.  Another Convolvulus bookmark from Mary Konior's Tatting In Lace which is a book I love!  And I love this pattern.

Diane (Lace-Lovin' Librarian) posted about her lovely shuttle collection and storage the other day and it got me thinking.  I've completely lost (as in dropped it in a hotel room I think) one of my 'tatted shuttles' from the Shuttle Shop and I've misplaced (at least I hope that's all) my other one.  I was hunting and searching for my favorite one and couldn't find it either.  So I decided that I really needed to organize my collection - such as it is - so I can find shuttles when I want them.  I have quite a few shuttles, not nearly as many as Diane but I haven't been at it as long as she has either.

There are the old Boye metal ones with hooks and bobbins.  I don't use them because I don't like hooks or bobbins but I didn't know that when I started out. 

These are some Just-Right shuttles.  They have a bobbin, but it's not removable - they open up for filling.  I like them better than the old Boyes, but still not as much as some others.  They get little use from me, but they are my youngest daughter's favorites.

There are the clovers which are inexpensive, easy to find and fit just right in the hand.

 There are the tortoiseshell clovers which for some reason I like better than the colorful clovers.

 There are the sewmate or lacis shuttles which I absolutely love!  They are a little bigger than the clovers but not huge.  All of mine have the point and I prefer no point or hook usually but these don't bother me.  I really should order some without the points, but I haven't yet.

 This is an inexpensive ($2 I think) immitation aero that I bought to see if I liked it.  I didn't like it so I didn't buy any of the more expensive aero shuttles.

I have a few vintage shuttles, some work better than others . . .

I bought a couple of huge Tatsy shuttles . . . 

A few celtic shuttles . . . 

The decorated shuttle on the left was a gift from Happy Bluebird in an exchange, the blue my daughter decorated and the white is a favorite . . .

The two pewter Lady Hoare shuttles were made for me by my daughter and the vintage boye bobbin came from Mother . . .

These are ceramic Lady Shuttlemaker shuttles.  One (I think the flowers) is mine, one is Girl Far From Home's and the last is for That Other Girl.  They are lovely and I don't know why I haven't used them yet.

These are my wooden shuttles.  The two big ones on the top are from Old Tyme Antiques and the tips are not tight.  The red, white & blue is a diamondwood and one of my favorites - it was lost but now is found.  The one with the butterfly is one from "I'm in the Garage" made with the Rev. Awdry ceder tree.  The one next to it with the black dot is one of the original 'Winder Shuttle' made by Chris Hinton of the Shuttle Shop.  The one with the dragon is also a Shuttle Shop shuttle with Anne Bruvold's dragon etched on it.  The last one is lovely but I'm not sure where I got it.
So, I had this tackle organizer thing that I bought years ago to hold circular knitting needles.  I didn't like it for knitting needles mostly because I had way too many to ever fit in this - they are now stored in a box and I'm not showing that because nobody should have that many knitting needles and I'm not admitting that I do.

Inside are a bunch of heavy duty zip lock bags that are held in place by reinforced plastic bits with holes for the rings to go through.  The numbers were written on there when Mom used it briefly for knitting needles.

It holds my collection of shuttles nicely - especially if you ignore the size numbers.
(The ceramic Lady Shuttlemaker shuttles are in the box so they don't break.)

And, because I have a small collection, it closes.
Now I just have to find the rest of the misplaced shuttles - especially the "Tatted" one.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your shuttle collection is wonderful, and I love the way you have them organized!

If your daughter ever decides to go into business making shuttles, please let me know! I'll be one of her first customers! One can never have too many shuttles, you know... or at least that's what I keep telling myself!

magic shuttle said...

Loved the story of your shuttlles...i dont have that many and i found your post really informative.

Michelle said...

Why do you think we keep those old Boye shuttles? I still have mine too but I'd have to be really desperate to use one of them.
Besides I hear if you use a shuttle with a point with SSSR, it can be very dangerous!

I love your collection, my favorites used to be the vintage celluloid no hook or point ones but someone got me started on the aeros and I don't think I'm going back!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This is an amazing post that I missed! I got positively mind boggled seeing your 'small' collection! (I can't even IMAGINE Diane's collection!!)

I guess we're lucky that so many kinds of shuttles have been made or invented. I can only use shuttles with hooks and bobbins, and never had a problem with the Boye's, but later was privileged that a fellow here in PA made wood w/bobbin & hook shuttles especially for our group in the '90s. And I LOVE the Pop-A-Bobbins with the crochet hooks! I also prize my 2 "Made in England" Aeros. Wish I had purchased more!

Expert tatter Elizabeth Zipay had worn out all her favorite Boye metal shuttles with bobbins/hooks and was forced to switch over to Aeros. She is one of the few tatters I know who LOVED and preferred the metal Boyes! Back in the '50s and for many years I thought they were the ONLY shuttles used for tatting!

Completly Confused said...

What are the things attached to the bags with holes in them? Where can you get them?

Teresa said...

I was going to email you, Completely Confused, but you don't have an email on your profile. Anyway, the plastic bits that the rings go through can be bought in the sporting goods store where the tackle bags are sold. Look in the fishing section for both the tackle keeper and page refills. I think they are all still pretty cheap.

Tece said...

Wow~ found your blog this morning and simply drooled over all of your lovely tatting shuttles :)