Thursday, November 3, 2011

Could Use a Little Help

The school my girls went/go to is different from most schools.  I'm not going to go into just how it's different or how different it is or why that's important to me.  Galloway is a very small school, but one thing that the school is pretty well known for is it's arts department - they have a terrific fine arts program that includes not just painting, sculpture and pottery but theater, voice, computer art, instrumental art and all types of creativity.  My girls both got a lot out of the fine arts programs at Galloway, but they could be made so much better with this grant.

Right now, the school is in the running for a $50K grant from Clorox but they can use as much help as they can get.  It's not difficult, just go to the Clorox Power a Bright Future site, register (it's free and no spam email) and vote.  You can vote every day from now until December 9th.  There are three categories and our school is running in the Create Category.  I had a little trouble getting registered, but once I did, voting was easy.  Just put the word Galloway in the search field and the school comes right up.

If you are so inclined, I would really appreciate your help and your votes!

Help us win $50K for Galloway!

After a competitive national nomination period, voting is open for the Power a Bright Future grant from The Clorox Company. Help Galloway’s fine arts department win up to $50,000 by casting your votes every day through Dec. 9, 2011.

Galloway's Fine Arts Program Needs to Add 21st Century Technology

The Galloway School, Atlanta, GA

Program Detail:
Galloway's fine arts program, which includes both visual and performing arts, emphasizes a student-centered curriculum based on the National Standards for Arts Education. Students currently have access to minimal creative arts technology, such as the means to record their process and progress. Visual arts students are able to create a variety of media, but they do not have a way to document the process in order to review their progress. Dance, theater, and technical design students would improve and grow if they, too, had a way to record through video their creative process. Strings, band, and choral students do not have the appropriate equipment to record themselves in order to identify areas of improvement in intonation, ensemble, and technique. The ability to create sophisticated recordings would give all of our fine arts students opportunities to learn and share globally with peer institutions.

How this Grant will Help:
In order to take our fine arts program to the next level, we must add 21st century technology. We need professional-quality recording hardware, music mixing and editing software, and wireless technology. Creating sophisticated recordings will give all arts students the opportunity to learn and share globally with peer institutions. Students and teachers will benefit from having the tools to create material appropriate for archiving and developing qualities unique to each discipline. They also will be able to view, listen, and constructively critique their work. In addition, to enhance the learning process for our performances, we need energy-efficient LED and intelligent fixtures so our technical students can gain experience with lights that move and change color. Combining interactive technology with live performances will give our students the ability to be more collaborative and prepare them for a future they have not even begun to imagine.

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