Saturday, July 30, 2016

Purl The Little Knit Girl

One year (I think it was 2014) when Dena and I went to Stitches South together, we found a book about Purl the Little Knit Girl.  We got the book and a bunch of the yarn.  About a month later I knit Purl and her acorn outfit.  Then she got put down and the book put away for other knitting.

A few weeks ago, Steve and I went on vacation to the beach.  I didn't have any sample knitting going on, so I just brought fun knitting.  Purl came along for the ride.

This is Purl's Flower Pot and Flower Outfit.  I didn't follow the pattern for the flower pot but did for the outfit.  I think my flower pot turned out ok.

This is Purl's Pea Pod and Pea outfit.  I enlarged the pod pattern because when I made them exactly following the pattern, they shrank too much and Purl couldn't get inside them.

 Purl's Corn out fit and Corn Cob.  This one was a bit more work and a lot more yarn because there is a complete yellow corn thing inside the green one.  

Here is Purl and all the outfits I have made so far.  There are still at least two more to make - another flower outfit and vase and a pumpkin outfit and house.  No telling how long it will take for me to get around to knitting those.  She's such a cute little thing that maybe it will happen soon!


Friday, July 29, 2016

Evie's Jacket

Since it has been so long since I wrote a blog post, I cannot remember what I shared.
This is another Anna Zilboorg sweater that I am trying to publish the pattern for - I have knit it and written the pattern and it is currently being test knit by another knitter.  When she finishes, the pattern will be available on Ravelry.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Honey Dripper

This is an old building that both Steve and I liked on the highway to our beach house.  
The Honey Dripper is no longer there, instead there is yet another housing development that is mostly empty.  


Monday, July 25, 2016

I am still here

 And still knitting.  I just forget to post.  It has been so long since I posted (a few months now) that I should have some knitting to post.  I will start with some bears.  These two are for Dena and Me because we wanted some to keep.  These guys are knit with an alpaca/merino blend and are lovely soft things.

This is Joris - here is what the designer (Annita Wilschut) has to say about him.
Joris is a weird creature.  He's got 6 points or maybe horns on his head. So, he looks like a dragon, but he does not dare to say so, he's afraid people may get scared.
Here are some of her other patterns (including Vera, the bear I keep making).
This particular Joris is going to live with my nephew's new baby boy Cameron.

 This is yet another Vera Bear - also an Annita Wilschut pattern.  This one is for the new baby that one of the girls' babysitters is about to have.  I have made soooo many of these bears - I love them.

The new bear and Joris are heading out of the house today . . . .