Monday, July 25, 2016

I am still here

 And still knitting.  I just forget to post.  It has been so long since I posted (a few months now) that I should have some knitting to post.  I will start with some bears.  These two are for Dena and Me because we wanted some to keep.  These guys are knit with an alpaca/merino blend and are lovely soft things.

This is Joris - here is what the designer (Annita Wilschut) has to say about him.
Joris is a weird creature.  He's got 6 points or maybe horns on his head. So, he looks like a dragon, but he does not dare to say so, he's afraid people may get scared.
Here are some of her other patterns (including Vera, the bear I keep making).
This particular Joris is going to live with my nephew's new baby boy Cameron.

 This is yet another Vera Bear - also an Annita Wilschut pattern.  This one is for the new baby that one of the girls' babysitters is about to have.  I have made soooo many of these bears - I love them.

The new bear and Joris are heading out of the house today . . . .


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