Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flowers and a friend . . .

p. blue bouquet

p. pura vida and friend

Sunday, July 27, 2008


It seems that I've finally found the right size needles, right number of stitches, right gauge and right pattern to get a sock that won't drown my foot. I haven't measured it to see what the gauge is since the gauge the pattern calls for doesn't work. But the socks are back to about half where they were the second time I ripped them out and they seem to fit fairly well. (They are still a tad loose, but part of that could be the needles pulling.)
I couldn't be happier to actually be knitting something that might not get ripped out again. I have two more hedgehogs to do and lots of socks and I am getting itchy about starting my norwegian sweater. It's been a while since I did anything complicated. I really need to get into something that will challenge my brain a bit.

Girlfriend had such a great time at the engineering camp that she came home psyched to build a new robot. I'm happy to see it and can't wait to see what she ends up with . . . . She had a great time at camp and, I think, learned a lot. She wants to go back and do it again next year. That's just fine with me.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pura vida, mate . . .

p. pura vida purple

and p. violacea form #3

One more time . . . .

I've ripped the austermann socks out for the third time. This time there was a good 6 inches done on both of them, but they were too wide. At least I started from the toe up and could tell that they were definitely too wide. I'll do the same toe (a round toe) and the same pattern (forget the name) and the same heel (one I've never done). But it's start over time.

First, I'm finishing Mom's birthday present tho - it's almost done. And I have orders for two more hedgehogs. Miss M wants one that is similar to the first one I made - same colors wool, but the fun fur will be slightly different but still somewhat realistic. Miss S wants hers green - she's not sure if I'm to add some pink to it or not, we'll see.

And the next big project that I'm going to start is the Norwegian Sweater that I planned to make for myself. I've figured out what the pattern will be - mostly red and black but there will be a stripe where I add white to the pattern either on the chest or around the neck and shoulders. I've been thinking a lot about the design elements and the more I think about it, the more I want to begin the sweater. It's been a while since I did a large project and it's about time I quit playing with the kids' stuff and did something really good.

I don't know when they return the contest socks or when the book will come out, but would you two like copies? And are you interested in doing the knit a long with Schoolhouse Press and Joyce Williams with me?

Just for fun, remember the Adipose pattern? The lady who created that also created patterns for Ood, the Tardis, Cassandra, The Face of Boe and a couple of other things. All those patterns went away when the BBC went on their rampage. (I had already saved a couple of them, but don't have the Face of Boe and would have really loved to have that one.) Well, she was asked to create all the patterns for a supplement to the Guardian Newspaper in England and it's been published today. Not all the patterns are on the web, but most of them are here:

I'd very much like to get a copy of the supplement, but I have no idea where foreign papers are sold in the U.S. So I guess I'll have to settle for the ten patterns that I can print off.

I'll have some pics to post later today . . . . .

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not sure . . . .

Not sure how this works, but I'll ask (supposed to be for my Ravelry profile).

My adipose arrived on Mazz's doorstep today. He/she will be part of the gang of 100 that to to the cast and crew of the Doctor Who show. More pics of the gang later.

And then I decided I wanted an avatar for Ravelry that said the same thing (someone else had one and I was jealous). So now it's official - I am 1 of 100 who made an Adipose for Doctor Who.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Flowers blooming and Cool Socks!

Ok, so I goes out in the backyard and discover that the star hibiscus is blooming it's head off. I love this plant because once it starts blooming, it blooms one, two, three, five or more blooms a day, every day for the next month. It just started about 3 days ago, so it's late this year, but it's so covered with buds that it might never stop . . . . .

And, of course the passion flowers are blooming too. Lady Margaret goes pretty much year round with a few small breaks here and there. The bud is the first bud on violacea and it's just sitting there teasing me. It's big enough that it should have opened, but you can see that it hasn't. There are half a dozen more with buds, including some others that I haven't seen bloom yet . . . .

And this is the new sock yarn! I took care of a friend's cats while she was on vacation and this was a lovely little gift she brought back for me. I can't wait to knit with it cuz it's such a wild idea. I've finally got the austermann socks going with a Charlene Schurch toe up pattern and they seem to be working. Miss M wants another hedgehog and since they take so little time, and I have almost enough yarn leftover, I said I'd do it.
But I also have enough sock yarn to keep an army in siberia warm and must get going on it. . . .

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ok - so I have this lovely yarn that I've been wanting to knit for a long time. And I have this great book that I've been wanting to make some socks from for a long time. So I knit up a lovely swatch - a big one to make sure that when my guage changes as I relax my knitting, I'll end up with the correct guage. And after much knitting of said swatch, I have a steady guage that I'm happy with. Stage one complete.

So we get out the book (Sensational Socks by Charlene Schurch), and find a sock pattern that will work with this guage and pick out a stitch pattern. Stage two complete.

Time to cast on! Which I do, and begin knitting. Knit about an inch and think "Hmm? Is this looking too large?" Decide to continue on because when I check, guage is still spot on. Continue (on two socks, mind you) for another inch. Guage is still good and maybe it's just them being flat. Try them on and they don't seem to be too big - hard to tell tho with them being so short. Keep knitting. Off into meditation mode and when I look up I have several more inches done. The pattern is lovely and the knitting is easy and fun.

Check guage and try them on. Guage is perfect, but the stupid socks are gigantic. Ripped them out and rewound the balls . . . . . Went back to stage one and reknit the guage swatch (came up with the same guage) but picking a different sock pattern and a different stitch pattern. Will let you know what I start doing. Tempted to dump the yarn and pick a different yarn.

Also found a pattern to make for me using the Elan Yarn that Mom sent.

Umm, I just discovered that there are a metric TON of corrections for this book!!! Go to this page before you try to knit anything from this book. I haven't looked to see what page the pattern I was trying to knit was on, so I don't know what effect this had on my mess, but next time I'll be more careful!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Road Kill

I finished the Hedgehog I was making for Miss M - it's felted and drying. I'll take it along when I drive up to get her tomorrow, but I can't sew up the bottom because it's still pretty wet. I'll have to replace the fiberfill with dry stuff before I sew it up too.

This is a very clever pattern. First, you knit the front of the body flat and in garter stitch. It's got a bit of short row shaping, lots of increases and decreases. The legs are knit out from the body and there is one little seam on each of them - took all of 5 minutes to sew them all up. You pick up stitches all the way around this oddly shaped front. Then you knit around this body, but still knitting flat (to leave an opening on the bottom. After a few rows with just a couple of increases, you begin lots and lots of short rows to shape the back.

It's a very quick knit. I started it on Tuesday and I finished it last night (Wednesday). I felted it this morning it'll be done when dry.

A couple more pig pics

It's not done yet, but it is felted and turned out pretty good. Still needs a zipper, maybe a lining, and a handle.

Passionate Kisses

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Road Kill for the Divine Miss M

My latest project . . . . at the request (demand?) of the Divine one. Must finish it before I drive up to get her on Friday.

Cat or Bear? You decide.

This is the little cat/bear I knit from my leftover Numma Numma Toasty yarn. I made several little tiny socks for my keychain sockblocker and while I was doing that, I kept looking at them and thinking they'd make great feet for a stuffed animal. Since we were coming home from Florida and had a 6 hour drive, I knit two more and just kept going.

This is what I came up with. It was supposed to be a bear, but the ears ended up looking more like a cat, so it's one or the other. Then I thought it looked naked, so I made it a little vest to cover it's little butt and belly.

It's about 6 or 7 inches tall and the arms (little mittens) are about 5" across. Goofy, I know, but that's what happens when I'm stuck riding in the car without a big project to work on.

Twice Knit Knitting

So, I tried the Twice-knit knitting from the book. (Notice I used those fancy glass knitting needles I got as a gift from Joyce.) The first photo is the front and the second is the back. You really can take the knitting off the needles and stretch it and pull it and do whatever you want to and it won't ravel or unknit itself. You can unknit it, if you pull the thread, but unlike regular knitting, you cannot drop a stitch in this. It's also very thick material when knit. It would be great for a blanket.

For England

So here is the adipose - from start to finish. It's a well done pattern with some very interesting techniques. It's quick and fun to knit.
The final product is shown here stuffed but not closed and without a face. That's because that is how I was supposed to mail it to Mazzmatazz in the UK. It's done and gone.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Present for me!

Drove up to Tennessee to pick up Miss S and bring her home today. She had a really great time at the conference and seemed to really love being on her own. She handled everything beautifully.
While she was there, she found the "Hospitality Shop" where they sell used clothes, dishes, books, etc. She had a lot of fun there and apparently made several trips. She brought home presents for everyone and this is what she brought me. It's actually pretty cool - a technique I'd never heard of before. Twice knit knitting is pretty easy to do and makes a very thick fabric - great for blankets. I think I might want to make a nice afghan using this technique.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Critter? Yep, a pink pig . . . . .

Visited the yarn shop with a good friend of mine - hit two yarn shops actually but bought nothing at all in Knitch. Saw this pattern and knew that the teenager would love this purse. So I bought the pattern and the yarn and began to knit. I wanted to finish it before she got home from her writer's conference.
It's all knit - completely! I also figured out how to make the felted Icord curly all by itself.
I decided to wait till she gets home to felt it - want her to see the before and after. Then she can needlefelt the face.

Miserable Failure

A friend asked me if I only post my successes on here. I guess that I haven't posted any failures - up till now that was because I didn't have too many. Here's a BIGGY!

The teenager wanted a nice purse with lots of pockets - protective pockets for all her gadgets. After all, if you are a teenager, you must carry a cell phone, an ipod, a palm, a calculator and who knows what else? We looked and looked for purses with padded pockets and there were none. We looked for a purse with lots of pockets that were the right size and there were none. So she asked me to make her one. I figured that if it was felted, the pockets would be thick and padded just by the nature of the felted knit. Went to the yarn shop, picked out her favorite colors and bought them. I even did a test swatch so I would know how big to knit the purse to get the sizes that I wanted . . . .

It was a huge amount of knitting and a lot of yarn . . . but I did it, pockets and all.

So, I finished knitting it and she loved it. It was big enough to be a nice computer case, but too stretchy. Popped it in the washing machine and washed it . . . . the results were awful. It felted to itself and didn't felt straight and it didn't felt evenly - some sides felted more at the top or the bottom and others more in the middle. It's a complete mess. I might be able to use the material as pockets in the new purse.