Saturday, July 26, 2008

One more time . . . .

I've ripped the austermann socks out for the third time. This time there was a good 6 inches done on both of them, but they were too wide. At least I started from the toe up and could tell that they were definitely too wide. I'll do the same toe (a round toe) and the same pattern (forget the name) and the same heel (one I've never done). But it's start over time.

First, I'm finishing Mom's birthday present tho - it's almost done. And I have orders for two more hedgehogs. Miss M wants one that is similar to the first one I made - same colors wool, but the fun fur will be slightly different but still somewhat realistic. Miss S wants hers green - she's not sure if I'm to add some pink to it or not, we'll see.

And the next big project that I'm going to start is the Norwegian Sweater that I planned to make for myself. I've figured out what the pattern will be - mostly red and black but there will be a stripe where I add white to the pattern either on the chest or around the neck and shoulders. I've been thinking a lot about the design elements and the more I think about it, the more I want to begin the sweater. It's been a while since I did a large project and it's about time I quit playing with the kids' stuff and did something really good.

I don't know when they return the contest socks or when the book will come out, but would you two like copies? And are you interested in doing the knit a long with Schoolhouse Press and Joyce Williams with me?

Just for fun, remember the Adipose pattern? The lady who created that also created patterns for Ood, the Tardis, Cassandra, The Face of Boe and a couple of other things. All those patterns went away when the BBC went on their rampage. (I had already saved a couple of them, but don't have the Face of Boe and would have really loved to have that one.) Well, she was asked to create all the patterns for a supplement to the Guardian Newspaper in England and it's been published today. Not all the patterns are on the web, but most of them are here:

I'd very much like to get a copy of the supplement, but I have no idea where foreign papers are sold in the U.S. So I guess I'll have to settle for the ten patterns that I can print off.

I'll have some pics to post later today . . . . .

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CottageCrafts said...

If you ever want anything thats in a UK paper or magazine, let me know :) My mum works in a newspaper distribution centre and can get back copies of stuff sometimes.