Friday, July 11, 2008

Miserable Failure

A friend asked me if I only post my successes on here. I guess that I haven't posted any failures - up till now that was because I didn't have too many. Here's a BIGGY!

The teenager wanted a nice purse with lots of pockets - protective pockets for all her gadgets. After all, if you are a teenager, you must carry a cell phone, an ipod, a palm, a calculator and who knows what else? We looked and looked for purses with padded pockets and there were none. We looked for a purse with lots of pockets that were the right size and there were none. So she asked me to make her one. I figured that if it was felted, the pockets would be thick and padded just by the nature of the felted knit. Went to the yarn shop, picked out her favorite colors and bought them. I even did a test swatch so I would know how big to knit the purse to get the sizes that I wanted . . . .

It was a huge amount of knitting and a lot of yarn . . . but I did it, pockets and all.

So, I finished knitting it and she loved it. It was big enough to be a nice computer case, but too stretchy. Popped it in the washing machine and washed it . . . . the results were awful. It felted to itself and didn't felt straight and it didn't felt evenly - some sides felted more at the top or the bottom and others more in the middle. It's a complete mess. I might be able to use the material as pockets in the new purse.

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