Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So Frustrated

I have left many comments - some over and over and over, because for some reason my computer locks up when I hit publish after typing and typing

I have finished the pair of socks for Fred - another one out of Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. He likes them, I like them, all is well. He made sure to tell me to make sure they were washable. I assured him they were. He wanted me to remember not to knit him any that weren't machine washable. I assured him I wouldn't.

But you see, the yarn mom gave me for my socks is handwash only. and I showed him the socks and said - do not wash these socks. He is very good about helping and loves to do laundry. He will seek out laundry because one must do a hundred loads a day or one isn't happy. He creates laundry just so he can get his quota in. You think I am kidding. I am not. So, knowing that I would probably set my handwash only but dirty socks down and not wash them the second I took them off my feet, I warned him not to touch. He really does search out laundry so no matter where I put them they would not be safe. So now he is afraid I will knit hand wash only socks for him.

I have a beautiful yarn made in norway, all written in norwegian, nice mostly wool with a tiny bit of nylon to make the norwegian sweaters with. When we got the selbuvotter book, I recalled we were going to make a pair of norwegian mittens. Little Destiny asked me to knit her a pair of mittens. Do you see where this is going?

Unfortunately the Selbuvotter book uses jumper weight which must be dk or sport because it is 8 or more stitches to the inch. The yarn I have is a lovely thick wool and even dropping down to a size zero only gives me 6 1/2 stitches and is way too tight for that bulky a yarn. Mom says she can get the 8 without a problem but I can't. I did try a thinner but still gorgeous wool but only got 7 on size 0 needle and again - I feel the yarn is forced too tight. I hate to buy yarn because Destiny's mom will not take care of them, or appreciate the work, and the mom will be the one to lose them - she keeps house worse than wendy. I will find something.

But - the norwegian yarn should be great for the norwegian sweater and headbands. If I wasn't so frustrated I might cast them on.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Knitting Quiz

And a great website with lots of valuable info on it . . . . .

Here's what I got at the end of the quiz:

The Artistic Knitter

You have a flair for combining colours and patterns. You approach your knitting in an intuitive way and you’re not afraid to experiment. Your knitting is stylish and striking. You probably have a weakness for novelty yarns and a stash of yarn you’ve bought on impulse.

Your impulsive approach can sometimes lead you into difficulties. Invest in a good knitting reference book, getting quick answers to your technical problems will leave you free to be more creative.

If you are looking for inspiration check out the work of other artistic knitters such as Kaffe Fassett or look at the latest styles in Vogue Knitting. Felted knitting is another way to add an extra dimension to your knitting, you can really let your imagination run wild.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Books, Books, Books

I've been on a cleaning frenzy the last week or so - it's worse than when I was 7 months pregnant and nesting! Among other things, I've been cleaning up and organizing all my knitting books. I gathered them up from Miss S's bedroom, Miss M's bedroom, the end of the hall, down in the basement, up in my room behind the bed, all around my knitting chair, the closet, etc. I went out and bought a bookshelf to be dedicated to nothing but fiber arts books and magazines.
I also sorted out the stash that was in the corner behind my bed and the stuff around my knitting chair. Then I cleaned out 3 knitting bags and sorted and stored my knitting needles. This is altogether too much cleaning, neatening and straightening for any real knitting to occur, but that's just how it is.
So, I got all the magazines in one place (well, not all of them, but an awful lot of them). Then I had to sort them out by which was which - all the Cast-On's in one pile, all the Interweave in another, all the Knitter's in a third. Turns out that I had like 9 different piles when I was done with that, and one pile had several different mags in it. Then each pile got sorted by date - oldest to newest. Then they went on the shelf - they took up one whole shelf on my new bookshelf which is a problem because I need space for the books! Gonna hafta get rid of some of the old mags. And I didn't even figure out which subscriptions are still active yet . . . . . maybe tomorrow.
Then I put all the books on the shelf in alphabetical order by Author (or editor or publisher). The books filled two shelves completely up with absolutely no room for more books. I have too many knitting books. So I tried to figure out which I could part with and I couldn't part with any of them. Next, I made a list of all of them, book name, author/editor/publisher and the isbn number . . . . . but I gave up on the isbn number about halfway thru cuz it was too much trouble. And then I typed them all into a spreadsheet on the computer and sorted them.
Now I did this only with the knitting and crocheting books. I will add the few weaving books and dying books and crewel books that I have later (they take up less than 10" on a shelf and that includes a bunch more knitting booklets). There are still knitting (and crochet) books on the floor and some are missing in action - I know I own them but dunno where the devil they are currently living. I'm embarassed to say that I have almost a hundred books on that shelf . . . . the list is over 2 pages long . . . .
I still have to make a list of all the magazines I own. Then I can trade them or sell them.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I knit another babyhat for the baby that was due a few days ago because the norwegian hat is going to be too big for a newborn. This is an old pattern I have from an ancient Family Circle or Family Circle Easy Knitting (would have to look to see which it came from and what year). I have made this had a bunch of times, and do it more from memory than anything else - didn't like the sewing in the original pattern anyway. I made these in red for the girls when they were little and sewed a little bell on the top. They were very cute. It's a really quick knit - especially in worsted weight (which this is). Let me know if you want the pattern.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Puppy Socks

Ok, so it's been really cold here. And it has snowed twice. And my dog is from a country where the temps never go below 68 degrees. She hates the cold. She doesn't like to go out to go poddy when it's cold. She hates wet. She doesn't like to go out to go poddy in the rain.

Mix cold and wet and get snow and she really, really hates it. A lot. So darling Miss M and her Dad came up with the brilliant idea of socks for the dog. Miss M was sent on a mission to find doll socks that would fit a dog. Of course, Miss M's room is such a huge mess that she couldn't find socks to fit the dog. So she and her father decided I should knit them before they took the dog out for a walk - not just a pair of socks, but 4 socks.

Well, I knit fast, but not that fast. We went for the walk with the dog barefoot. She got very wet and not just her paws. She was forced to walk in the slush on the streets and so she got very cold too. And she was a huge wet mess by the time we got home.

I knit two socks and she refuses to wear them, so I refused to knit two more.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet the Santas

These are the Wier Doll Elf and Elf Princess kits. I haven't embroidered their eyes or done their hair. I tried to do the hair, but it didn't look good. I need to figure out how to do it - the instructions are not very helpful. They are really cute and very nice little creatures . . . . the wool batting as stuffing is much nicer than polyfil.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Silly Waste of Time

But something I signed up for anyway . . . . . Knitwars! You create a virtual self and claim prizes for knitting chores completed. It's silly. It's yet another way to waste time on the computer (like we need that). And it's got no real point.

But it sounds like fun, so I signed up.

Go here to read about it:

My Chore Wars character

My Chore Wars character

Another Pattern

A friend sent me this pattern for a really cute baby hat. It has lace angels on it. I thought you might want the pattern in case you knew of any babies being born anytime soon - think it's got to be a girl hat, so won't work for the babies I know being born.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I finished "Child's French Sock" from Nancy Bush's Book "Knitting Vintage Socks". I really like the book and have decided that I want to learn all the heels and toes that are in that book - only 5 or 6 of each. So I will knit all the socks in the book - two dozen. I have cast on and knit three rows of ribbing for a pair for my husband. I have enough yarn in my boxes for three more pair for my husband and five pair for me. Then I shall rethink this project maybe. Socks are such a nice small project for taking along.

The "Child's French Sock" was rewritten for a women and fits me almosts perfectly - could / should have been about a quarter of an inch smaller.

I have one slipper for mom done and a second well on its way. These are the felted clog slippers. I was going to have to make myself another pair but fortunately recovered my lost slipper just as we were leaving to buy yarn. My little puppy takes my shoes and slippers outside when he is annoyed with me. Only my shoes - no one elses. But those dogs from across the street who steal his bones are now stealing his shoes. Alf doesn't chew them - just puts them out in the yard to say he is upset I went without him somewhere or I didn't play long enough or I ignored him. But I permanently lost a tennis shoe to next door and then my slipper. Replaced the tennis shoe and recovered the slipper but am making mom slippers anyway. She doesn't do slippers but says she will wear these. The are deep burgundy bottoms and brighter red tops. Wait for picture. It won't ever come but wait for it anyway.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

Felted Balls

These are some felted balls the girls and I made in Girl Scouts on Friday. We used little rubber balls as the core to make them bouncier.

The big ball in the back is not felted . . . . . It's Miss M's trophy for winning the Fantasy Football Superbowl - she beat out all her classmates and several teachers.

Friday, January 11, 2008

In Stasis

I started my Santa/elf . . . . but then I put it in the bag and haven't picked it up since. It didn't take any time at all to get this far, so maybe I'll just finish him today . . . .

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Norwegian Baby Hats

These are adorable little Norwegian baby hats - another pattern by Saartje or at least I got it from her blog. She has pics of her baby wearing it here:

And the pattern is here:

I knit two different sizes (as you can see) and don't have a clue which will fit babies what age.

Baby Socks

Knit up very quickly. This yarn is hard to photograph and get the colors right. It's the same yarn I used for my socks and it's wild and fun. If you look, you can see that the two pairs of socks are different colors. I was knitting along and came to a knot - the yarn before the knot was the bright color and the yarn after the knot was significantly darker (much more pronounced in person than in this lousy photo). Fortunately these were small socks and I had plenty of yarn so I made one pair dark for one baby and one pair bright for another.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Working on

I am about a third of the way through a pair of socks for me. Mom gave me a beautiful red with colors yarn Brown Sheep Wildfoote hand dyed Ragtime) and helped me decide on a pattern out of Nancy Bush's book Vintage Socks. I hope to be able to make one of every pair of socks in that book.

Have ordered the Ethnic Discovery and am signing up for the KAL - will see how that goes.

Have to dig out the yarn to knit the knissen. My Christmas tree is down so I won't be getting knissen this year. Too bad about Ritza.

Baby Afghans

As you can see, the entrelac is finished. And is the first and last one ever. Andrew gave it to Jack - Beth's baby boy. Beth was in Andrew's graduating high school class, used to live across the street catty corner from use. Mom has met both Beth and Jack and Beth's parents. And no, there isn't a father for the baby.
I did three different pink and white ones. This is the plainest, one was only three feet across and hemlock ring. The third was, IMHO, the prettiest. I used the same yarn and pattern as pictured here but I did a different pattern out of Barbara Walker every 4 inches. There are actually three different yarns - a pink, a white and a pink & white variegated. Turned into stripes which with the different lace patterns was very nice way to use up yarn. I also did two different blue ones. One blue like the pictured pink (gave to Jonathon to give to baby) and a blue one that my son WILL take a picture of.

My Hemlock Ring

As you can see from the picture, this is my hemlock ring being blocked. It is a beautiful yellow (okay I know yellow can't actually be beautiful but the afghan/shawl is beautiful). It is 6 1/2 feet across.
Oh - you are having trouble seeing the photo? Perhaps that is because I used Andrew's camera to take the dozen pictures of the hemlock ring before, during and after being blocked. And the pictures have disappeared.
Why didn't I use my own camera to take the pictures? Because over the years Andrew has 'borrowed' each of my three digital cameras and returned none of them so technically I don't have a camera.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hemlock Ring

This is my Hemlock Ring blanket. I made it with two strands of this lovely, natural, undyed alpaca I bought at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville in October. It took forever and it's still not done because it's not blocked and it needs it.

Now it's D's turn to post a picture of something she's been working on . . . . . doesn't have to be complete, just any old thing. Even a pic of her would be good.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


These are my christmas sweaters....the sleves are now done pictures to come

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ok, One more I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours . . . .

You each got one, but I had one made for me too! I love it and use it every morning. Now I have to go buy some Chai tea so I can use it when I knit in the afternoon . . . .

And now it's your turn to post a few pics for me to look at . . . . then I'll reward you with more pics of what I've been up to lately!

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours . . . .

And I'll even go first with a little taster for you . . . . . . the socks that I knit for myself but ended up giving away. They were really pretty and the yarn made fun designs as I knit it. But then a friend came over and she really liked them and I gave them to her. Now I still have to knit myself a pair of socks.