Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby Afghans

As you can see, the entrelac is finished. And is the first and last one ever. Andrew gave it to Jack - Beth's baby boy. Beth was in Andrew's graduating high school class, used to live across the street catty corner from use. Mom has met both Beth and Jack and Beth's parents. And no, there isn't a father for the baby.
I did three different pink and white ones. This is the plainest, one was only three feet across and hemlock ring. The third was, IMHO, the prettiest. I used the same yarn and pattern as pictured here but I did a different pattern out of Barbara Walker every 4 inches. There are actually three different yarns - a pink, a white and a pink & white variegated. Turned into stripes which with the different lace patterns was very nice way to use up yarn. I also did two different blue ones. One blue like the pictured pink (gave to Jonathon to give to baby) and a blue one that my son WILL take a picture of.


TRH said...

You did a very nice job on that entrelac baby blanket . . . . and you finished it. That's better than I did - I still have the half done thing upstairs in my closet somewhere . . . . .

And I really like the round baby blanket - was it relatively quick to knit? I had a pattern that I loved but it took forever to knit so I'm never going to make another as long as I live. I made the last baby blanket using feather and fan and it was quicker, but not much fun.

Maddie said...

the patterns really pop