Thursday, January 24, 2008


I knit another babyhat for the baby that was due a few days ago because the norwegian hat is going to be too big for a newborn. This is an old pattern I have from an ancient Family Circle or Family Circle Easy Knitting (would have to look to see which it came from and what year). I have made this had a bunch of times, and do it more from memory than anything else - didn't like the sewing in the original pattern anyway. I made these in red for the girls when they were little and sewed a little bell on the top. They were very cute. It's a really quick knit - especially in worsted weight (which this is). Let me know if you want the pattern.


Maddie said...

what a cute hat!

dmr said...

of all the hats you have posted which is the easiest/simplest/quickest??

which is the funnest from a knitting point of view??

I want those two patterns (answered above)

TRH said...

This is the quickest and easiest because you can make it in any weight yarn and in a heavier weight it goes really fast. The norwegian is funner. I also knit plain old hats for babies pretty often and those you can add any pattern you want as you knit. I'll email you some patterns.

knittingplug said...

Hi, could i buy a copy of the pattern it's such a cute hat!!!!
kind regards jo