Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Puppy Socks

Ok, so it's been really cold here. And it has snowed twice. And my dog is from a country where the temps never go below 68 degrees. She hates the cold. She doesn't like to go out to go poddy when it's cold. She hates wet. She doesn't like to go out to go poddy in the rain.

Mix cold and wet and get snow and she really, really hates it. A lot. So darling Miss M and her Dad came up with the brilliant idea of socks for the dog. Miss M was sent on a mission to find doll socks that would fit a dog. Of course, Miss M's room is such a huge mess that she couldn't find socks to fit the dog. So she and her father decided I should knit them before they took the dog out for a walk - not just a pair of socks, but 4 socks.

Well, I knit fast, but not that fast. We went for the walk with the dog barefoot. She got very wet and not just her paws. She was forced to walk in the slush on the streets and so she got very cold too. And she was a huge wet mess by the time we got home.

I knit two socks and she refuses to wear them, so I refused to knit two more.


dmr said...

My husband and my mother came up with a brilliant idea - I would knit socks for my dog. This was at Christmas time when our snow first fell and stayed.
My dog, like yours, is from a land where it doesn't get cold and wet and snowy.
My dog is a country dog and doesn't need socks and won't wear them. So I didn't knit them.
Last winter my dog wouldn't even look at snow without whimpering. And walking in it to go - not a pleasant site. But this year he is outside playing in the snow with all his little pals and is quite content. He goes outside and goes, and plays with his pals, and comes in cold and wet and wants me to hold him and cuddle him.
No socks, no cuddles.

TRH said...

There you go. That just proves that I'm a better puppy mom than you are and I love my dog more than you do. I knit her socks - even knowing that she wouldn't wear them. And, when she came in wet and cold and wanted to be cuddled, I wrapped her in a big beach towel and cuddled her. (At least until she decided that she HAD to chase a toy.)

Maddie said...

to bad she won't wear them!

dmr said...

I let my dog savour the enjoyment of running barefoot through the snow. I also let my boys run barefoot through both the rain and the snow.
So, is that self striping yarn or did you actually do all the work to do stripes. If you did all the work for socks you knew wouldn't be worn, you are crazy. If you used self striping yarn, then you are a loving puppy mom.

trh said...

I'm a loving puppy mom. This is some yarn Mom gave Miss M - red heart Christmas yarn.