Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So Frustrated

I have left many comments - some over and over and over, because for some reason my computer locks up when I hit publish after typing and typing

I have finished the pair of socks for Fred - another one out of Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. He likes them, I like them, all is well. He made sure to tell me to make sure they were washable. I assured him they were. He wanted me to remember not to knit him any that weren't machine washable. I assured him I wouldn't.

But you see, the yarn mom gave me for my socks is handwash only. and I showed him the socks and said - do not wash these socks. He is very good about helping and loves to do laundry. He will seek out laundry because one must do a hundred loads a day or one isn't happy. He creates laundry just so he can get his quota in. You think I am kidding. I am not. So, knowing that I would probably set my handwash only but dirty socks down and not wash them the second I took them off my feet, I warned him not to touch. He really does search out laundry so no matter where I put them they would not be safe. So now he is afraid I will knit hand wash only socks for him.

I have a beautiful yarn made in norway, all written in norwegian, nice mostly wool with a tiny bit of nylon to make the norwegian sweaters with. When we got the selbuvotter book, I recalled we were going to make a pair of norwegian mittens. Little Destiny asked me to knit her a pair of mittens. Do you see where this is going?

Unfortunately the Selbuvotter book uses jumper weight which must be dk or sport because it is 8 or more stitches to the inch. The yarn I have is a lovely thick wool and even dropping down to a size zero only gives me 6 1/2 stitches and is way too tight for that bulky a yarn. Mom says she can get the 8 without a problem but I can't. I did try a thinner but still gorgeous wool but only got 7 on size 0 needle and again - I feel the yarn is forced too tight. I hate to buy yarn because Destiny's mom will not take care of them, or appreciate the work, and the mom will be the one to lose them - she keeps house worse than wendy. I will find something.

But - the norwegian yarn should be great for the norwegian sweater and headbands. If I wasn't so frustrated I might cast them on.

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TRH said...

I have some yarn that should work that I was going to play with for the Norwegian sweater. Go look at at the Istra yarn and see if the guage is right. I'm also going to be ordering some more yarn from them - probably more Istra since I like it. I can order a couple of balls for you if you'd like.

Or, I can go look in my hundreds of books and see what other mittens I have in them. I will send you a copy of the list of books I own . . . . because it's long.