Monday, March 17, 2008

Almost Done

This is the last basket. This on is for me. It will be a large size for storing knitting supplies on the table next to me while I knit. I decided to make the bowls of mine a little shorter and a little wider than the pattern called for. It is felting now and a picture will be added soonest.

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trh said...

Wow! Mine are upstairs drying out on that exact same towel . . . . spooky!

I refelted the fanny basket and made it a little smaller and a lot sturdier. Then I tied off the ends of the threads you had in a bow - worked them up the seams, tying them again occasionally and then felted it. It's got 4 balloons in it - none tied so they can be emptied and reused.

Did you get any of the packages I have been sending you?