Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teresa's Wish

We decided to make everyone a second basket. Those who had size large would get a small and vice versa. I had mentioned that I enjoyed using mine for socks, because I could put one skein in each basket and let them roll around without them escaping. Mine is a small one and once when I wasn't knitting it started collecting stuff and that became its job.
Teresa mentioned she would like hers to have three pockets; one for each skein of yarn for the socks and one for the knitting.
After looking at all the ones in Cat Bordhi's book, I decided to be nice and make her the one with four pockets because I didn't like the one with three. It was two or four.
One would think that four is no more trouble than two but one would be wrong. Besides that we only ordered enough yarn to make the two. So I took some yarn from what would be mine and added it to Teresa's.
I think it is coming out quite nicely. She may never get it, but it is coming out nice.

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trh said...

Ok - now I know what "all my yarn" meant . . . .

And I really do appreciate you making it for me . . . . is very special . . . .