Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Knit some more things with Malabrigo: First, the Danish Night Cap from the Nordic Knits book. I knit this in the Malabrigo Silky which is a pretty fine yarn. I used size 3 needles. This hat would have gone a lot quicker in a bigger yarn on bigger needles and since the pattern doesn't call for any particular size yarn or needles, . . . . Well, if you decide to knit it be aware that it takes a while to knit all those tiny stitches. But the hat turned out quite nice - and I love the feel of the yarn, both during the knitting process and in the finished item.

I also knit a cute little headband out of the malabrigo merino worsted. I love the way the slight variations in the yarn show up with the texture of this knitted cable. (No, there is no pattern for this, I made it up.) I'm going to knit a few more of these and maybe start an etsy shop to sell some little things. That man I live with thinks my knitting should do more than just drain his wallet . . . . cannot imagine why.

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