Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sorry . . . . and very cool sock yarn site!

I know I haven't posted here in who knows how long. It's been a bit crazy here and I'm afraid that's going to continue for at least another 2 weeks or so . . . . until the Fiddler show goes on, runs thru it's booking and then closes and we tear it all down and make it go away. None of us are home - Miss M and I are either painting the set or working in the costume shop and Miss S is practicing about 30 hours a week (in addition to regular stuff at school). Miss M and I have been at the school till 6pm most week nights (working around her afterschool schedule of course) and from 11 to 5 most weekend days. Of course then we wait for Miss S to change clothes, finish up and come out and we get home about 45 minutes later. Add to that the fact that Dad isn't home and has his own family issues to deal with and we're busier than we can handle.

I found this very cool sock yarn site. I've never really wanted to join a sock club before, but this one lets you pick your colorway (sortof) and it's not a full year committment (which can be hugely expensive). You sign up for 3 months (at a reasonable price) and for each of those months you get to pick your colorway. Now they don't just toss your colorway out there and say pick - you get an email from her with pics that have been altered so they no longer look like yarn - like looking thru a kalaidascope - but have the yarn colors in them still. I'm not sure if the yarn comes with a pattern, but even if it doesn't, I have enough of those and tend to make them up myself anyway. I'm going to sign up . . . . anyone care to join me? (Please post a yes or no response so I know if I'm the only one that thinks this is cool.)

You can find the info here:
Then click on Sock club in the categories. Or just go here:


dmr said...

sounds really neat and very interesting but a little out of my price range

Artsygal said...

Hi there! Artsygal here.. Thanks for the mention on your blog! :) The sock club doesn't come with patterns.. I'm not much of a designer, and if I had to pay someone to design for me, it would end up increasing the cost of the club. Besides.. I figure that most knitters already have a queue 20 miles long full of patterns they want to knit!

If you're on ravelry, you could always pop onto the ArtsyAddicts group and ask for suggestions or look up what others have made. Come hang out with us there!


PS... you're in the contest now ;)

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