Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bulls Eye!!!

Dena is terrific at making rugs - really terrific!  This is the blue and gold rug she made for The Divine Miss M - those are her school colors (or will be in a few days).  

Dena knit this with a strand of fun fur and a strand of feltable wool and then she tossed it in my washing machine.

It didn't get significantly smaller, but it got thicker and it's sooooo nice and cozy for toes!  
Miss M will love it in her dorm room!

This is where I am on the Carved Kimono.  I think I am going to love this.  I love the colors and the pattern and it's almost halfway done (well, maybe it is halfway done since the back is both sides).

Here is a photo of Anna in her Carved Kimono.  I hadn't been able to see this for a long time (it belongs to XrX) so had forgotten the color was brown.  Most times this sweater is seen in gray because that is the color of the kit Yarns International sold.

This lovely quilt was a gift from a dear friend.  She made it for me and it was my birthday gift.  
I think it is one of the most beautiful things ever!


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