Sunday, March 29, 2009

And now, it's yarn!

Lest you forgot how it started, this is what it looked like when it arrived on my doorstep. Four large hanks of roving, soft and smelling like lavendar.
Then, I spun it into singles that looked like this (well, ok not all of it looked this nice and even, but some of it did).

After I spun 4 ounces - two of those lovely hanks of roving - I put the two spools on the lazy kate and set out to ply them into yarn.
This is the yarn on the niddy-noddy. It's about 214 yards of 10 to 11 wpi which is between a dk and a worsted. It's slightly thicker than I wanted, but I'm ok with it. I think it will still make a nice shawl in the pattern I had originally intended, but it will be bigger than I had hoped.

This is a close up - I just wish you could feel how soft it is - and it's nice and bouncy too.

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dmr said...

The yarn looks and sounds wonderful. Let's see - you could be knitting this luscious yarn or spinning more other luscious yarn. Such a tough decision.