Friday, March 27, 2009

More Socks

I finished the second pair of socks made from the Austermann Step yarn. They are footsie type socks, very plain, very simple. I only hope mom likes them.

I also finished my pair of socks made with the Guernsey yarn. I did mostly use the instructions from the Schoolhouse Press Two Socks on Two Circulars Knit-along. I like them.

Now on to the hedgehogs except I lost the yarn. Or more accurately, I put the yarn somewhere and no longer recall where that somewhere is.

It is Fun Fur so I thought I put it in the box containing Fun Fur. All the Fun Fur is there except for the hedgehog color.

I have a bag containing yarn for projects I am working on. I looked in there but that was just all the yarn for all the projects I have started or plan to start very soon, not to include the hedgehog hair yarn.

There is a huge box of yarn I haven't sorted through yet and that had the yarn for the hedgehog nose right on top. I had already looked once when I saw the hedgehog nose yarn on top but I took everything out and looked again. No hedgehog fur yarn.

Where or where can the hedgehogs be?

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trh said...

Silly girl! It's winter and they've burrowed underground until it warms up. They are probably where the lost Ipod is because it generates heat and will keep them warm.