Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spin, Span, Spun!!!

So now that I have figured it out, I've gone plumb spinning crazy! I started with this pink roving and spun all of it - probably about 5 ounces. Then I spun 4 ounces of natural white wenslydale that I bought at SAFF - still have 3 more 4 oz balls of roving to spin. Then I spun all the small samples I got in the Phat Fiber box and a few that I had before that. Then I plied the samples and the white wensleydale together (it's drying now - pics of it tomorrow). I'm going to knit a hat with it so that I can have something from my first decent handspun.

I've got the wensleydale balls, some white unknown fiber that I bought a long time ago, some lovely white that I think is merino and a braid of handdyed that I bought. I may never get my knitting done now . . . .

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Eve said...

While I can see the appeal of spinning, and the Peachtree Handspinners Guild is so much fun, I think I'll stick to knitting. I'm already at SABLE, and goodness knows what would happen if I took up spinning too.

And thanks about the Phat Fiber Sample Box. I was stalking her etsy shop at just the right time this morning.