Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Briar College - Sweet Briar, Virginia

There were lots of these signs on the way in that said things like, "Think," "Imagine," and "Succeed."

These two pictures are of the little garden thing right outside admissions. Cool art, no?

Ooh! Here's one of the bikes that you can use on a whim.

Doggie!!! Lots of faculty bring them. Aint he sweet?

The Library!! Beautiful facility on the outside, but not as magnificent as Hollins.

In front of the library.

Inside the library. This room was donated by an alumnus for just pure enjoyment reading and relaxation - it's so nice.

The president's house. Gorgeous, no? (yellow house)

Little pond that is reminicent of hamburger pond. Science Students do experiments here - last year they found some rare spotted salamander that is not native to Virginia and set out to find out how it arrived in this tiny little pond.

Pond Again on the left, soccer fields off in the distance on the right - all this is behind the president's house.

Bones. A skeleton from the pond. Weird!!

Dead things... ugh.

This is the old railway station where students used to come in - when they tore it down to make a new station, an alumnus bought it and put it on campus. It is now the environmental sciences building.

The mascot: The Vixen!!

Adding on to the gym. If you enlarge this one, you can see Monument Hill behind - this is where Daisy is buried.

Memorial Hill. Where Daisy is buried.

The cafeteria. The food is better at Hollins.

A huge shoe!!! Maddie: this was designed by the engineering students. I'll have to tell you more about what they do!! (I'm not trying to sell you into Sweet Briar; I just think what they do is neat.)

The gazebo! Lots of little places to sit and relax.

Outside the dorms.

A nice hangout spot...

Look!! This was right inside admissions. We didn't notice it untill the end!

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