Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was working on the Two Circular Two Sock KAL and decided to knit mom a pair of socks instead. Mom had a skein of Austermann Step with Aloe and Jojoba which is so very nice to knit with. Mom got me a whole book to use (Favorite Socks) for the pattern Embossed Leaves. The socks are finished and mom wore them to therapy to keep her feet happy. She says it kept her feet happy but the muscles from her hips to her knees are in agaony. I don't think socks will help that.

But I did have enough yarn left to make a third sock. Since mom doesn't need a third sock, I am making a pair of toe up and we will see how far it goes. So far, I have two toes. Mom has ten but I don't have much yarn.

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trh said...

You should be able to almost make a pair of anklets. You can add some other leftover yarn to finish them. I used the padded footlet pattern from Favorite socks and made some girls a couple of pairs of anklets.