Thursday, March 12, 2009

Emory & Henry College - Emory, Virginia

Emory & Henry College - Emory Virginia
This is a VERY rural campus - like in the middle of a lot of cow fields and not much more. But it's very picturesque and pretty.
This is the back of one of the girls' dorms.
The view of the town - white building is the college bookstore and the brown the deli.
The old train station - now one of the school's art galleries.
The football field.
The Library with the church behind it.
The mens' dorms.
The Black Box theater.
A hangout room for students.
Another hangout room with a small stage. If you look closely at the edges of the floor, you'll see that this used to be the swimming pool.
The center of the campus is a long and very pretty pond - this is the duck pond.
The fine arts building. The front of it is old, but they have added a new building onto the back to make it larger. The entire campus is on the National Historic Register.
Two views of the Library.

The science center.
The Mountain Cabin where community service is handled.
This building holds the president's offices, administration, financial aid, business office, etc.
The church - which is a community church on campus, not just for the students.
The women's dorms.
The admissions building.
The president's house - she has a dog.
A deck off the back of the girls' dorms.
A lounge area in the dorms.
A typical dorm room.

Crocus, just blooming their heads off.

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