Monday, March 16, 2009

Spinning 'round in cirlces all the time . . .

So now I'm spinning again after all these years of not spinning. First, I spun a spool of the pink wool and then a spool of the natural colored wool that I picked up at SAFF. Then I had a blast spinning all the samples that came in my Phat Fiber box. You cannot even begin to get an idea of how cool these fiber bits were from these pics or from this yarn. They were gorgeous and spinning them was a treat - lots of different fiber types and blends and differnt put ups too. It was a mini education in itself. I learned some things I liked and some things I did not like.

After I spun them all up, I plied the sample spool with the natural spool. I did a very bad job of it - not nearly enough twist, but it's still yarn. I ended up with about 120 yards of yarn and I plan to make myself a hat out of it. I will supplement with the pink yarn if need be to make it loose like I want it.

Then I spun the rest of the pink wool onto a second spool - there was less on the second spool. I plied them together and when I got to the end of the shorter spool, I used a paper towel tube as a nostepinne and made a center pull ball. I had to gently help the yarn pull from the center and had to turn the tube to keep the outer yarn from tangling so it went slowly, but I got it done. It made a pretty nice hank of yarn. Not sure what I will do with it now.

In all this spinning, I was deliberately trying to make a thicker yarn than I usually do, and I was pretty successful.

Then this stuff came out of the bag. It's a little sample - probably about a half ounce - of 'domestic top' that Silverstah of Feeling Sheepish sent in with an order I placed with her. When I pm'd her, she said this sample was her 'domestic top'. It was an absolute dream to spin - almost spun itself. I spun it fine because that's what it seemed to want to do and it did it beautifully. Its fibers slipped along each other like they were sliding on a polished floor and the colors (which are hard to see in this pic) were gorgeous going by - a burgundy color with a fair amount of blue and a bit of turquoise. I really loved spinning this stuff and I will definitely order more as soon as I can afford to - lots more!
I ordered some of her hand dyed Corriedale wool roving in a color called Mossy Glen which I haven't spun yet. The sample was something she threw in the box because she forgot my box at home - and I'm so glad she did. It didn't matter in the least because the box came the morning after the girl and I got home, and would have been no use to me before that anyway.
So next I spin Mossy Glen . . . .

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dmr said...

Looks like you are having lots and lots of fun. And the girls are being perfect angels so you can devote 100% of your time and attention to this endeavor.