Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Sock Knit - Along

Mom has created a new sock knit-along for the three of us. It is going to be fun and exciting. It is a round robin type of knit-along.

Mom will get the yarn.

Oh, she already has it.

She bought a skein of the Regia Special Edition Galaxy yarn in Jupiter Red. It is a gorgeous yarn that creates Jupiter style spirals and elipses. I think it is going to be gorgeous.

Now the round robin knit-along passes to Teresa. She has to create a pattern for the socks.

Oh, she already has it.

She created a gorgeous sock pattern called Toasty Twist Sock and it is available on Ravelry. I have downloaded and printed it.

Now the round robin knit-along passes to Dena. She will simply knit the yarn into the pattern.

Oh, she hasn't even started.


trh said...

Shoot! I expected to get the yarn, needles & pattern in the mail so I could knit part of them. We could still do that . . .

trh said...

And I think I want some of my own yarn like that . . .

dmr said...

Teresa - I have two skeins of Jupiter in my stash. Look up the colors, pick one, and I will send it to you. I will knit up mine and mom's and you knit up yours. I will use your pattern for mine and mom's and you use ? for yours.

Pick quick and I will get it in the mail this afternoon.

trh said...

Couldn't find them in your stash - man you do have a lot of stash posted on Rav. If you pick one and send it to me (whichever one you like less) I will knit the same pattern along with you - another sock-a-long but more fun. I will also send you some handspun to play with.