Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Undone is Redone

So I knit Ishbel in the smaller size and had it all but finished - then decided that it was not going to be big enough to be very useful. So I ripped the entire thing out and reballed the yarn. I liked it though and it's a really quick knit, so I decided to redo it.

These pictures show the new object but the color isn't really accurate in either of them.

I went up a few needle sizes - the pattern calls for a u.s. 6 and I'm using a u.s. 9. And then I added a few repeats of the lace which meant adding several extra rows of the stockinette to get the extra stitches I needed.

It's quite nice - I like the texture and drape. It will probably be finished by tomorrow.

And this is a little present I bought for myself - a book all about the words in our language that were derived from textiles. It's very interesting . . . I'm just begining to read it.

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