Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our House

Couldn't find the house in Madison Heights, but did manage to find the one in Lynchburg. It looks pretty similar, but older and not nearly as well kept.
The side yard, looking down the driveway.
The front of the house - the bushes are overgrown and there's a tree with branches down all over the yard.
This shed is where Dad's Japanese Tea House used to be - wonder if it's just the tea house closed in? The ponds seem to be gone as do the gardens.The parking pad is still there and that was how I was sure I spotted it. The land that used to be wooded next door is now a street with houses.
Dena might recognize her old high school. We went by Linkhorne Elementary and the Middle School across the parking lot - where I went to school. I was afraid the teachers and students would think I was a boogie man if I started taking a bunch of pics of the elementary school, so I refrained.

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