Thursday, March 19, 2009

A little bit of this, A little bit of that . . . .

Remember those socks I designed? The ones that won the contest? Well, I've worked on the pattern and all I need to do is add pics and it's ready to publish. Should be available tomorrow sometime if all goes well.

And Ishbel is finished, ends worked in and blocked. It's lovely and that girl of mine likes it. It looks good on her too, so I might let her borrow it a time or two . . . .

Here are the socks I'm knitting for the sock-a-long. They are a little big around the foot, but not too much and I am not planning to rip them back again. Haven't figured out a pattern for them yet but I figured we'd add that to the cuff and leave the foot plain . . . . also need to figure out what kind of heel we want to do. Do you want to try one you haven't done before?

This is why I'm not getting my knitting done very fast . . . . having way too much fun with the spinning wheel. This is the Mossy Glen spun as a thin single. I'm on the second spool of it now (half done, actually), so should be able to show you the plied result tomorrow or the next day. It's very pretty up close - sort of twists of two colors alternating . . . .
Will also show the contents of my Phat Fiber box tomorrow.

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Gina said...

Very nice,
I haven't been hit with that
"eureeka" just yet ... so nothing to show but LOTS of fiber stash.
Maybe soon ..... the spinning "fairy" will fall upon my shoulder and I'll get the hang of it!