Friday, March 27, 2009

Love Alpaca!

I loved the sample of Alpaca/Merino roving that came in the April Phat Fiber box so I ordered some more! It came in the mail yesterday afternoon. As you can see, I ordered a good bit more . . . that's 8 ounces of roving in those 4 brown things. Maple, the very nice lady who runs North Star Aplacas and the associated Etsy shop included several little extras for me. The light brown fluff in the picture is some unprocessed alpaca - from what I understand you just spin it from the locks. I haven't tried yet, but since it was a gift, I will definitely try it. The black below it is pure alpaca roving (the brown is 25% merino, 75% alpaca). And my favorite thing that she included is the card with Sonata's picture on the front - Sonata and Orion were the two that donated to the roving.

And I didn't waste any time looking at the roving either - spun up half of one hunk last night after I finally got the girls settled.


dmr said...

It is turning out glorious. If / when you stop spinning and start knitting again - what will it be. Will you keep us posted on it's life from start to finish?

And how did the unprocessed alpaca work out??

trh said...

It is glorious and it is incredibly easy to spin - practically spins itself. And she packs it with a lavendar sachet (the little bag in the pic) so it smells lovely while you spin it.

If I can spin it evenly and thin enough and can manage to ply it without ruining it . . . if I can . . . and if I get enough yardage and it ends up being fairly fine . . . if it works . . . I am going to make a shawlette like the blue one I made years ago that I wear pretty regularly. And yes, you can pretty much count on seeing pics throughout the process whether you want to or not.