Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Will Remember

Our Helmet Liner's and their scarfs have been finished but I keep forgetting them when we go up to White House yarns. I will remember to put them in the car (they are on the kitchen table next to my purse but Andrew and mom have the car and are out shopping. Please Remember our Troops overseas and find a LYS near you that supports the Helmet Liner Project. CitizenSam has information about the Helmet Liner Project as well as other ways to remember our troops. Whether you agree with the war or not, the troops are sons and daughters, dads and moms, friends and neighbors and deserve everyone's support. Blurb from Operation Helmet Liner:
Operation Helmetliner
The Tip of the Spear

The focus of Operation Helmetliner is the ground troops in war zones who are at the "tip of the spear". These soldiers are serving on the front of the war on terrorism and many are in remote combat outposts located away from the usual logistic system that provides to larger forward operating bases and air fields.

Our Armed Forces at those locations have no way of purchasing items they so desperately need. If someone doesn't mail those items to them, they can't get them.

The helmet liners and scarves are only sent when there’s enough to outfit the entire unit so no one is left out.

There is no deadline for this project. Please help us by spreading the word to other crafters. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

This is a great project, thanks for sharing.
My husband enjoyed these enough when he was in the army that he asked me to continue to make them when he came home. It is part of the reason I learned how to knit in the first place. (Granted I simplified it to just the neck part, we call them neck socks in our house.)

But at this point I have mastered the elusive art of purling and we now have plenty of warm things...might be time to work on keeping the other guys warm.