Monday, March 9, 2009

Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia

See the thing behind the lampost? That's a chalkboard. On the top it says "Which woman legend is your favorite?" and underneath it says things like, "Anne Frank," "Britney Spears <-- I hope you're joking," "Michelle Obama," "My Mom."
A beautiful creek is in the next picture, and after that, Hollins' rockclimbing walls.

This is Tinker Hall, a freshman dorm!! The only one with A/C, but people have been able to deal. Next is the first Pressor(sp?) Music Hall. Then, three photos of the inside of a dorm room in Tinker, decorated thanks to Bed, Bath, & Beyond!! The rooms are slightly smaller in Randy, the other freshman dorms, but there there is a closer-knit (haha) comunity.

The theater!!!

A lovely little garden. And the path goes all around the campus, too. What a lovely day it would've been to walk down it!

A pond with fish in it. Lindsay, my guide and a really cool girl, thought this was very cool.

The springhouse, and the oldest building on campus.

The library and the campus. The veiw is simply gorgeous in person, and this picture is not doing it justice. The library is simply ~majestic~.

Again, the library. No justice here either.

The campus, and the church, too. The church is no one specific religion.

'Dana'. Building in which I had 'New Media and Liturature,' the really cool class that I took. I have quite a few things that I have to look up now!

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