Friday, February 27, 2009

Besides Shopping

Besides shopping with mom I have been knitting.

I have Jennifer's hat all finished (that's the blue one, Koolhaas with brim). Just waiting for her to come to town with Andrew. And I just had a call that they are in town and will be here before I get the house cleaned up.

I have Andrew's hat (Balmoral hat from Wild Woolies) all knit. Now, I just need to felt it but I need Andrew's head to do that. Then after it is felted I need to put the ribbons on.

Then I emailed knittycat after seeing the most amazing hedgehog and she graciously shared her pattern with me.

I made two hedgehogs, one mommy and one baby, for Jennifer to pin on her hats. The little one now has eyes and a nose.

Now, well after I clean the house, I have to finish the scarf, finish Andrew's kilt hose and the argyll scarf. Then, I can finish all the other projects that are started. Then I can be ready to do the Schoolhouse Press Joyce Williams KAL on March 9.

Don't laugh, it could happen.


trh said...

I edidted your post and made the Hedgehog an active link - hope you don't mind.

trh said...

Those hats are so cool - you must email me with directions as to how you did it. I think I know two girls who would like hats like that . . . or you could just make them each a hat . . .

dmr said...

The hat pattern is easy. Go to Ravelry and look up the pattern for Koolhaas hat. Knit that but make sure you buy a wee bit extra yarn. The ones I did I had 182 yards to start and was left with 2-3 yards after I was all finished.
Then you pick up the Stitch N Bitch book, find the pattern for the Halfpipe hat and use that to put a brim on.
Or you let me know what colors and what fibers (superwash merino?) and I will make them each one.

dmr said...

Actually it is the Cabled Newsboy hat brim (Stitch n Bitch page 66)