Thursday, February 19, 2009


Finally! I finally finished one of the pairs of socks I've been working on forever. The Miss Babs Biological Clocks are done. I did not do the top edge suggested by the pattern, but used a ribbing instead. The pattern assumes they will be a woman's sock and mine are for my husband, so ribbing is better. Next time I have the brilliant idea to knit socks for a man, reming me that men have huge feet! And next time I knit socks for a teenager I must remember not to use yarn that felts. Actually, I did use yarn that was supposed to be machine washable but it wasn't. I told her that many people who used that yarn said it would felt and she shouldn't use the machine to wash it, but she either forgot or did not listen in the first place. Normally, I would have been doing her laundry, but since she has refused to even bring it out of her room for 2 months, I refused to do it for her. No more sock knitting for that one!

And just to show my only sister how much I loved her gift, here are a couple more pics of the birthday goodies! (I love them, really I do!)

Pics of the Miss Babs Biological Clocks when we get back from the funeral . . . middle of next week.

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dmr said...

Perhaps you can have a flower or three when you come home.