Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday Presents just keep coming . . . .

First a tower of cookies that came in for the girls from the Godfather. Similar towers come in with some regularity and are always greeted with great enthusiasm. This particular one is lovely and the bottom box (the biggest) is the one filled with the very best cookies . . . I'm hoping to get at least one of these.

Next the birthday goodies. Some of these were given to me on Tuesday but some of them were not yet here - several arrived today. The knitting book More Sensational Socks came today in the mail - it wasn't really a birthday gift, but it's timing was good, so it gets to play with the rest. Then there is the mixer - What? You say. That's not a very good birthday gift! But you are wrong - it is what I asked for. The mixer that I have is the one I bought for my hope chest before I ever moved out of Mom & Dad's house - way back when I was a teenager (and that was more than 30 years ago now). It actually still works, but the last time I used it, it got so hot that I was afraid it would melt. It probably needs to be retired.

And, the midget gave me a case to protect the GPS she gave me for Christmas. It will help keep the cord from getting tangled in everything already in my car, but isn't big enough to actually hold the gps and the cord. And Miss S gave me a new suet feeder and more suet. We have at least 6 or 7 different kinds of woodpeckers and sapsuckers in this yard and they happily come close and let you look at them if you have suet. My last feeder somehow got lost when the trees got trimmed - I wonder if it got tossed with the branch it was hung on.

And, of course I have to include a gratuituous picture of the cute little dog in my life and here's a pic of mom's cat angel in my garden. Things are beginning to green up around here.

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