Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally working on stuff again

My eyes have settled down. The vision is much worse than it was but it isn't changing every day plus with strong enough glasses I can see if I use large needles. So I bought some baby alpaca and made stuff for Andrew. I made him a hat (Caps for Kids Swirled Hat from Knitting for Peace) and a scarf (just plain garter stitch with i-cord edges) and mittens (Gifted by Kate Gilbert) and gloves (pattern found at Long ago I was using up some Caron Simply Soft and all I had was red and black so those became his colors. This time they didn't have black so I used a very dark heathery blue with flecks of red in it.

I am also crocheting up all the odds and ends of this and that (all the synthetic yarns) into a queen size afghan. I found the picture on the web and fell in love. Then I found the pattern on Ravelry -
Shell Stitch Afghan by Anastacia Zittel. There are a few patterns for Diagonal Box Stitch afghans which look like the same stitch to me. The cutest part of the afghan is the two fuzzy white things - the big one is Fritz who birthday is on the 12th (he will be one) and the little one is Alf who turned two in January.

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trh said...

I think I'm going to shave my fuzzy white thing and spin her hair into yarn . . .