Monday, February 16, 2009

Different Hat

Andrew was home this weekend with his young lady, Jennifer. He told me yes to the Balmoral hat but absolutely no to the blue coonskin cap. I really like the coonskin cap and wanted to make it but the only one I can imagine talking into wearing it was Andrew. So I guess I won't be making that. He also said he wouldn't wear the Viking hat or the Chicken hat.

But he did ask me to make a hat for Jennifer and to make something for her birthday. He told me her birthday was in a week (it isn't). So Jennifer and I looked at hats and decided on the Koolhaas Hat but she wanted a hat with a brim. So I made the hat and added a brim from another pattern. I think it turned out quite nice. Here are some pictures of the hat (Jennifer is modeling for me) and one of Andrew playing some stupid computer game.

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trh said...

Love the hat - bet I know another young girl who would also love it!