Thursday, February 19, 2009

An End and a Beginning

First the End
I finally finished the scrap afghan and one box is almost empty. I already know what I am taking out from hither and thither to fill it. The pattern is actually Shell Stitch Corner to Corner afghan found on Ravelry. It is queen size and doesn't look half bad. Since I really didn't need an afghan that big except to use up yarn, I really didn't know where I was going to use it. Mom suggested putting it on the queen sized bed in the motorhome and that sounds really good.

And lastly the Beginning
The last skeins of yarn in the box were two skeins of Sugar and Cream Ombre - only about a third of a skein each. Well, I had been wanting to try the squiggly wiggly crochet and decided to do that instead of starting the two hats for Andrew and Jennifer. I mean, I have a week to get them finished, so why rush now. I love how easy the hot mat is to make but do not recommend doing it in two variegated colors. I think it would be best in no variegated but at the most, one variegated alternated with a solid. It starts out with a grid made very much like a filet crochet grid - but bigger. Then double crochets standing up to make a very nice, easy quick hot mat.
The picture here is of the grid but this mat is almost done so I will post a done picture soon.

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