Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Building a Better Sock

Ok, so maybe this isn't really a better sock . . . it is, afterall, already full of holes! But that's the way the girl wanted it, so that's the way she got it.

First, we start with the yarn: Numma Numma Toasty for Needlenook in the colorway Lou's Brews. And the pattern: Monterey from the book The Eclectic Sole by Janet Laidman.
Next, you start knitting. These socks are knit flat, so they don't much look like socks while you are knitting them, but on the up-side, you can so easily knit two at a time. And they knit up quickly in spite of all the binding off and casting on that goes on while knitting them.

Then comes the grafting - miles and miles of grafting - way too much grafting. Once it's done, you have Yoga Socks! (Yoga socks with lots of little ends dangling!)
Then you pick up stitches and add toes to the socks. Now they are no longer Yoga socks, but heelless-topless wonders!
The heel comes next, but you probably already guessed that. You get to pick up more stitches for that!
Guess what comes after the heel!? You guessed it! You get to pick up still more stitches and knit the ribbing for the top so the socks don't fall around your ankles! I knit more ribbing than was called for but that's how I wanted to make them.
And after miles of grafting and hours of picking up hundreds of stitches and days of working in all the little ends . . . You end up with socks with holes in them!

Actually they were kind of fun to make and the girl loves them.

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dmr said...

I love them. Not enough to make them but love them just the same